The Faculty of Dentistry of the VGWU ARAD was established in 1991 and it fits harmoniously in the structure of the “Vasile Goldiş” Western University of Arad, as the university faculties have predominant humanist profile. The idea of establishing the Faculty of Dentistry was set both by the strong old cultural-scientific traditions of our town, and by the existence since 1956 of a strong Post-secondary school of Dental Technique which has provided to our country generations of valuable experts. A strong material asset has developed within this school, and valuable teaching staff was trained. Another factor leading to the establishment of this specialization is the particular dentistry patrimony of the municipality of Arad, consisting of two clinics of dentistry represented by the University Clinic no. 1 of the VGWU Campus with more the 25 dentistry units and the “Aurel Vlaicu” Dentistry Clinic no. 2, which, by now, is one of the most modern and well equipped of the county, with 13 specialized practices and 23 dentistry units.

Currently, after 28 years since its establishment, we pride ourselves with the proof of a remarkable continuity of the inherited tradition, which, by maintaining and developing quality education, has decisively caused the experts’ training in the field of dentistry. This custom has to be pursued and developed in the context of the challenges and of the dynamics of today’s society.

Our faculty must maintain itself as an important institutional basis of the “Vasile Goldiș” Western University of Arad, to promote a consistent position in the Romanian health system, to preserve the faculty organizational structure, the mutual appreciation between students and teachers, and to further favor the competition and the collegiality, the individuality ascertainment and the cooperation.

The members of the current managerial team aim for CONTINUITY, PERFORMANCE AND COMPETITIVENESS by defining us as an active promoter in achieving the academic criteria and objectives by developing the existing program in compliance with the Bologna spirit, so that we raise the standards for quality and improve the professional training mechanisms relying on the knowledge and reality of the needs for care in order to ensure the public and individual’s health while being consistent with the provisions of the Dentists’ Deontological Code.